I began this blog in 2007, and despite frequent pauses, enjoy the expression a blog allows. I tend to write with a more serious perspective than my perpetually sunny personality typically presents. This is navel gazing authenticity, friends!

Stormy Rainbows seems to represent my life’s theme. Rainbows are formed through light refraction and perception, needing damp skies in order to materialize. Biblically, rainbows symbolize God’s promises. I’ve found that through every hard moment, God has been faithful to me. God always keeps God’s promises. And they apply to EVERYONE. God created such beautiful diversity in our world.

After 20 years of excuses, I am finally pursuing formal ministry within my church denomination. Currently, I am exploring pastoral candidacy and considering enrolling in seminary for Fall 2019.

For the past 8 years, I have offered worked as a professional doula and doula trainer, offering wisdom, techniques and information to new parents through one of the most transformational events in their lives: having children. You can find out more at The Sunshine Baby Company.

I love Jesus, social justice, children, dogs, and good books. Fancy beverages, too. Usually iced because Florida.


I especially love when all of these things come together in an amazing cacophony of chaos and fun. (Imagine a ministry charity event fighting human trafficking that includes children, well mannered dogs, a coffee bar and beautiful books! Your worst nightmare? My dream!)

I have been blessed with a stable, level headed husband. He’s a real life rocket scientist. Smart is sexy.


We have two teenagers (OMG! How did we get here?!), and one kiddo still in elementary school. One of our children has autism. Plus we have horses, dogs, cats. It’s quite the ride.


Here is a picture of my family minus one who hates having his picture taken (Please note that I honor his wish for privacy)


You can find me in the fast pass line at Disney on any given weekend, family reluctantly in tow. You’re NEVER too old for a picture with Mickey Mouse! Or acne, apparently.


And just for fun, I can spell words backwards just as quickly as I can spell them forwards. That makes me the queen of the “Gnilleps” category when playing Cranium.

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious is the most popular request when people learn of this special talent.


Thanks for joining me on the journey!


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. LOVE IT. I truly enjoy reading about your faith and am glad to know that Im not the only one who prays for patience. Although I see now, we are not supposed to-who knew?
    Your children are so beautiful-I’ll be damned if Grace doesnt look just like you. Gorgeous darling, gorgeous.

  2. Hey girl! Sounds like you are doing well in ole Utah! It’s nice to read your blogs and see how you are. Little Gracie and AJ are adorable–I can’t believe how big Grace is now. I remember how sad I was to stop watching her way back when–she was the CUTEST little baby ever.
    Anyway, ck out my site. I’ve got some crap going on that you can read about haha.
    Love you girl! Glad you are doing so well.

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