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Antelope Island

 Antelope Island is an amazing island in the middle of the Salt Lake. It’s populated with bison and has several walking and hiking trails, an educational visitor center, camping facilities and an eatery. We went the other day with the kids.

Keep in mind it’s a $9 entrance fee per vehicle.  We took the dog, anticipating an energetic hike on a trail. AJ cried the whole drive down there. We thought he’d feel better once we stretched our legs (it’s about a 25 min. drive). Nope. He just kept crying. Then he complained that his hands were cold. If he would wear his mittens, they’d feel MUCH better, but he was not interested. So we went to the visitor center and basically went home after about 20 minutes.

However, on the side of the road bison were grazing. They were extremely close and we got some fun pictures! Yes, they’re really that close–about 8 feet away from Grace. It’s not just clever photography!!!!!

Grace is about 8 feet away from the grazing bison!