Teaching Grace Reading

A friend of mine loaned me a book called Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. It’s quite incredible. We’re on lesson 22, and Grace has learned how to sound out words and read small one and two sentence “stories.” The pace at which she learns is quite incredible. I was getting frustrated with our early attempts–she has been able to recognize all the letters in the alphabet for 2 years, but didn’t get the concept of “sounding it out.” This book changed that.

Every day, she asks if she can have “Princess Lessons.” She puts on a pretty princess dress and decides which Princess she would like to be. I’m her “teacher” and I “rescue” her from the evil stepmother or wicked queen. Reading unlocks the door to the dungeon!!!!  She loves it, and after her lesson she gets to choose a piece of candy or a sticker. It’s so cool to watch her learn.

I was reading the newspaper at 5 years old, and I’ve been a bit disappointed that she hasn’t caught on to reading as naturally as I’d expected. However, I have no idea what formal instruction I received through daycare and preschool. And I started kindergarten early, in private school.

 Anyways, this curriculum is amazing.


My vote

I really really really like John Edwards. I hate that he’s the underdog. He seems to be a man of integrity and compassion. I like his concern for the environment. I like his humble beginnings.


I’m a grammar/spelling diva, so I thought I’d share something I learned. In a recent blog, I posted about Grace lying in bed. I wasn’t sure whether the correct term was “lying” or “laying.” Basically, lay means to put an object somewhere. Lie refers to the practice of reclining. A way to remember this is “lie lies in rec-li-ning.” That’s how I’m going to remember it, anyways!

Here’s an interesting link regarding lie vs. lay.

I rushed around this morning, making oatmeal, fending off our dogs, soothing the kids’ emotional sensitivities. I had Grace dressed and ready for school, myself dressed and wrestled with AJ for about 5 minutes to get his pjs off. Another 5-10 minutes to get his pants and shirt on, and finally he succumbed to the socks and shoes. I went to get Grace. She’s lying in her bed, with a bowl of mac and cheese. (Yes, the dogs ate her oatmeal.  . . .bad dogs!)

 She told me she felt very sick. Too sick to go anywhere. She doesn’t care for Fridays because she’s a “daycare friend” then. She goes to preschool (which is a short day–only 2 hours, instead of almost 3) and then she goes to daycare for 2 hours. She doesn’t like having to be still and rest (they watch a video) when she wants to play. I promised her a trip to the Treehouse Museum if she went nicely to daycare today. I reminded her that if she missed school and daycare, she couldn’t go to Treehouse. She was fine with that. My super clue that she’s really not well.

I suspect she’s very weak and still fighting off this horrible virus thing she and AJ contracted. So much for picking up appliques at the fabric store! Here I am, home with two ill, grumpy, oversensitive children.  I do think they’re on the mend. Grace just came down and told me “I’m so sick. Can you take care of me?”  Sweet girl.

This gives me an opportunity to clean up the living room and knit my new socks. 

What a week.

More illness

AJ’s beginning to recover from croup and then a very high temp of 104, but Grace is just starting her bout with this illness. She told me she was tired and actually asked to go to bed at 6:30pm tonight. She’s running a fever now. She was well earlier and went to school and dance class. I’m glad she went, because this is probably it until Sunday, the way things are going around here.

And I have to skip the gym, of course. So much for SPIN class. I bet I gain 2+ lbs this week. And I’m trying to LOSE!!!!! 

I should give Terry major credit. He took off Monday and Tuesday to help care for the kids–since Grace was well and AJ wasn’t, they were both extra demanding. He came home early today because AJ was napping and Grace needed to go to dance class. He took his laptop and studied while G danced her heart out. 🙂

Classes for his Masters in engineering began this week. I see how busy Terry’s going to be from now until graduation. Again. Poor guy.

Cancer Free!

My aunt Gail was diagnosed with breast cancer (her third time fighting this) last year. Chances sounded very slim that she could recover, and she has fought a long, hard battle. After her most recent pet-scan, she was declared “breast cancer free!” Hallelujah!! It’s TRULY a miracle.