White Christmas

This was the first Christmas away from my parents and extended family. I think we did a great job filling that void. The house had the tree up the day after Thanksgiving (the day my mom left after visiting us). We had many gifts for the kids–we ordered the BEST toys through Pea Pie Baby, owned by my good friend Elizabeth. The kids love all the play food! I’m still working on Grace’s Waldorf doll–maybe another week before it’s done? Maybe I’ll just hang onto it until valentine’s day. Maybe not. . . .

Terry and I cooked and cleaned up the cooking all afternoon–ham, sweet and sour meatballs, sweet potato souffle, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and homemade apple pies. It was delicious, and AJ actually consumed some vegetables over the course of the day. T spent most of his time peeling apples and slicing them. I tried to convince him that we needed an apple peeler/slicer/corer like one The Pampered Chef sells, and NOW he sees why!!!!!! But he did it mostly without complaint, to his credit.

It snowed and was just beautiful outside. We had the fire roaring in the fireplace and spent most of the day in the fireplace room. AJ was in his PJs until about 3pm. He doesn’t like to put on new clothes. “Just leave me alone!” his attitude screams.

The children went to bed nicely, and we watched the last hour of Spiderman 3. Very festive, I know. 🙂

Today I convinced Terry to take a SPIN class with me at the gym. It felt good to burn off breakfast!! I promised Gracie a movie today–she wants to see Enchanted again. I’d like to take her to see Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium, but she’s pretty stuck on Enchanted, which she has ALREADY seen with Terry. Plus Mr. Magorium is at the cheap theater, since it came out around Thanksgiving. I suspect we’re going to see  Enchanted.


The other day, I was making breakfast when Grace and I heard AJ start to wake up. I was making French  toast and was covered in raw egg at the moment, so decided to finish making breakfast before I rescued AJ from his room. Grace disappeared and all was quiet. I finished my task, and went downstairs to get AJ. I found Grace in his room, also. He sleeps with his door open, and a baby gate across the doorway. Grace said she had tried to help him out, but couldn’t. So instead, she climbed in with him.

Isn’t that exactly how Jesus works?? Not that he CANT help us out of sticky situations, but often, it’s up to us to work out logistics of problems. Jesus climbs in and sits with us in our messy places–in our brokenness–and comforts us.


It’s been quite a while since I’ve seriously read any decent theology books. I started asking Christians–like my pastors at church and friends online–who their favorites are.

 My friend Scott loaned me a book by his favorite, N.T. Wright. I’ve been reading slowly (rather than speedily, as is my custom, and missing half of the important stuff) and so far, I quite like it. He’s setting the case for studying the Historical Jesus, in the 1st Century context during which Jesus lived, so that we can better understand how to interact as Christians in today’s world. . . .

Recipe for a Merry Christmas

Recipe for a Merry Christmas:

Take the crisp cold of a December night, add two generous parts of snow, stir in air so clear it tinkles.

Into a generous heart, mix the wonder of a little girl, the sparkle of a young boy’s glance, the love of parents, and set gently before the chimney side.

Add the lightest touch of a reindeer’s hooves, a sprig of holly, a scent of fir.

Set the mixture to rise in the warmth of a dream of good will to men.

It will be almost ready to serve when it bubbles with warmth and good feeling.

Bedeck with the light of a star set in the East, garnish with shining balls of gold, silver, and red.

Serve to the tune of an ancient carol in the middle of the family table.

(I received this from my friend Mike at Mikey’s Funnies.

It’s my birthday.

I cried today. Just feeling homesick. My dad left a message on the machine, and he never calls. So that was nice. My sister called, who also never does that. She said she thought about calling at midnight last night, but decided I wouldn’t appreciate it. 🙂 My friends called–Tracy, and then Carin.  And then my mom wanted to see how the day had gone. I used to go to Charley’s Steakhouse off OBT in Orlando for my birthday. My parents always babysat for the kids, so I’d see them, too. Usually my girl-friends would celebrate with me over the weekend, too. No one in Utah even knows its my birthday. Except for our friends Scott and Melanie–who facebooked me a nice message. It’s so stupid to cry over this. But I feel so homesick right now. I just want to go HOME.

Terry woke me before he left for work to wish me a great day. My mom called at the crack of dawn (7am) as usual, (since college) to sing Happy Birthday to me. I crawled back to bed. I took the kids to Target to get their annual Christmas pic taken. Then I made it to the gym for cycling class–I’m up to #12. I have 6 more classes to get to before Dec 23 so I can get a T-shirt. And 1/2 lb to go, too. 🙂 Called the mortgage company to discuss short-saleing the house. Good news there. Took the kids to McD’s as a reward for being quiet while I was on the phone. They had Icecream cones and choc. chip cookies. I had a chicken salad. It started snowing, so I had a perilous drive home up the hill on our street.

Made it inside, heard all the well-wishers on the answering machine and lost it. I know that we are in Utah for a reason. I believe that our family has been called to help light the darkness here. I believe that my family is growing spiritually as a result of our move. But man, I miss Florida.

Nice day!

Well, AJ threw up all afternoon yesterday. Poor guy. He was up early (yes, 7am is early for us) and instead of putting him back to bed, I decided that most people start their day at 7 and I could suck it up. I got so much done! I took care of AJ, got some sewing done, and am halfway through making Grace’s Waldorf Doll for Christmas. (go toDancing Rain Dolls to see some of the beautiful creations!)

We stayed in today, so I didn’t get a work out class in–so much for this week. I have to go every day next week to get all 18 classes in before the 22nd! Anyways, I sewed and read books and played cards with Grace and the kids were AWESOME. AJ took a loooooong nap, of course, while G and I made cookies. I had the kids bathed (AJ woke up with a rash, so that’s not good. . . but the bath seemed to help significantly) by the time Terry came home and I headed out for my cookie exchange party!

I came home late and Terry said that the House Fairy needed to visit Grace, as that’s the best she’s gone to bed in a long time. And apparently Eve was naughty and put herself in time out in the crate. LOL silly dog.