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I made AJ a robe and pj pants. Now to cut out the matching shirt!  That robe pattern is one of the first things I sewed when I got a machine a few years ago. Grace still wears it!
Aj's new pj set
Grace and AJ in their robes

And I knitted my first successful pair of socks. They’re for AJ. And I think they’re so cute! It only took 3 tries.
Aj's foot--they fit great!

Baby Kimono

I’m knitting a baby kimono for my friend’s shower this weekend. I thought one skein would be *just* enough, and I had the cutest color that I got out of the bargain bin with no label. So of course I’m not going to have enough, now that I’m about 40% of the way finished. I can’t start all over–no time. I’m going to have to add solid color panels that coordinate, I think. It’s time for a trip to the LYS!