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He should go somewhere else.

Someone repeated this statement to me in tears, notifying me a school employee had made this comment.

He needs too many services. Too much help.

He shouldn’t be here.

Where should he go then? He is legally entitled to a free and appropriate education.

Treating my child as a distraction to your teaching is beneath you.

How you treat the least of these speaks more to your character than how you treat the gifted elite.

You’re feeling overworked and overwhelmed and overloaded. So is he.

You’re unhappy he is in your class or school. So is he.

You notice he doesn’t work well in groups with other kids. So does he.

You think he’s unworthy.

So does he.

Your behavior models for the other students how to treat a child with special needs. Your attitude impacts your relationship with my son–and any other student who is wondering if you are a safe person.

To any teacher, administrator or staff member: if you feel a child can not learn without additional supports in place…then advocate for the child. Speak up at IEP meetings. Help determine what supports the child needs and would benefit from. Give encouragement and be willing to dig in to figure out how to reach him.

Join our team.

Please don’t work against us. It’s the child who loses.


I made AJ a robe and pj pants. Now to cut out the matching shirt!  That robe pattern is one of the first things I sewed when I got a machine a few years ago. Grace still wears it!
Aj's new pj set
Grace and AJ in their robes

And I knitted my first successful pair of socks. They’re for AJ. And I think they’re so cute! It only took 3 tries.
Aj's foot--they fit great!

Antelope Island

 Antelope Island is an amazing island in the middle of the Salt Lake. It’s populated with bison and has several walking and hiking trails, an educational visitor center, camping facilities and an eatery. We went the other day with the kids.

Keep in mind it’s a $9 entrance fee per vehicle.  We took the dog, anticipating an energetic hike on a trail. AJ cried the whole drive down there. We thought he’d feel better once we stretched our legs (it’s about a 25 min. drive). Nope. He just kept crying. Then he complained that his hands were cold. If he would wear his mittens, they’d feel MUCH better, but he was not interested. So we went to the visitor center and basically went home after about 20 minutes.

However, on the side of the road bison were grazing. They were extremely close and we got some fun pictures! Yes, they’re really that close–about 8 feet away from Grace. It’s not just clever photography!!!!!

Grace is about 8 feet away from the grazing bison!