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I made AJ a robe and pj pants. Now to cut out the matching shirt!  That robe pattern is one of the first things I sewed when I got a machine a few years ago. Grace still wears it!
Aj's new pj set
Grace and AJ in their robes

And I knitted my first successful pair of socks. They’re for AJ. And I think they’re so cute! It only took 3 tries.
Aj's foot--they fit great!


I’m knitting a hat for AJ. I thought i was going to use the same yarn I knit his pants out of (dark blue w/white flecks), and then decided to use a teal color because I have so much teal and no ideas for it. Teal does not go with the midnight blue. It looks dumb. So now I’m looking at a completely different hat than I pictured! And I dread frogging it now b/c it’s partway complete.

I think my solution is to save the hat and pick more flattering colors to go with teal. Then I can just start a new hat with my original design.

this is what makes me a perfectionist–that hat has been glaring at me for 24 hours, daring me, “Whatcha gonna do about me?”

I’m so glad I have a plan. You know what they say, “proper planning prevents piss-poor performance.” I heard that in my Bible study and it has stuck in my mind!