Perfect 10

Have you viewed the “Perfect 10” gymnastic floor sequence?

My daughters and I have been enthralled by Katelyn Ohashi’s outstanding gymnastics performances.

I seized the moment to talk to my 8 year old about body image, societal expectations and reality. As we watched the videos, I asked my daughter, “what do you notice about her body?” My daughter commented on her flexibility and high jumps.

We talked about being a gymnast and the muscular structure necessary to do those amazing exercises.

I shared more of what i had learned about this gymnast–about how criticism of her body led her to almost lose her love of this sport. How when she listened to other people she forgot that she was made beautiful and powerful and strong and talented.

And what a loss it would have been because she brings joy and inspiration to so many now through her performances.

I paused the video a couple times and pointed out the muscles in her hips and thighs. We noted how her rear end jiggled a little bit. And then my daughter sighed, “i have skinny legs. Theyre not strong like hers.” So we talked more about comparison being unfair. We discussed being grateful for the body God gave us and taking care of it–and understanding it is unique, with mom and dads genes mixed differently in each sibling and the wonderful gift our bodies are.

I read that 8 year old girls are at the pinnacle of their body self esteem; saddening me. How I treat and speak of my own body is the beginning to my daughters’ self talk.

May I be kind and gentle.

Heres something awesome: I float very easily, making an ocean swim delightful!

Don’t Push the Power Button 5 times!

FaceTime wasn’t working last night. I was trying to disconnect from an attempted/unsuccessful call but my phone was stuck with a keyboard blocking the “end call” prompt. In my flustered state I managed to accidentally hit the power button 5 times.

You know what that does? It calls 911. 😱

I explained my technological incapability to the kind voice on the other end of the phone. Still couldnt operate my phone and had to wait for emergency services to disconnect our conversation.

A few minutes later, dressed in my pajama top and pants, hair wet from a shower, I took my dogs out in the front yard before retiring for the night.

At 8:30 PM. Because I am pushing 40 and morning comes too early.

I stopped at my car to get my glasses (blind without contacts) and grabbed my daughter’s water bottle and shoes she had left in the car while I was there.

So now I am carrying in my arms: my keys (attached to a wallet and chapstick), my phone (to track every step I take), a tall stainless steel water bottle, a pair of sneakers, and am wrestling with my Great Pyrenees on then other end of the pink leash I am also holding.

It is just a quick potty break for the dogs.

We walk down the long driveway (really should have grabbed all the stuff after the dogs’ walk, not before) and a car drives through our cul de sac…and stops at my mailbox.

It is a police car.

The very nice officer asks if everything is ok. I thank him for his prompt response and he tells me he happened to be close by when dispatch called him.

I reassure him I am really fine. Standing in my yard, in my pjs, arms full of miscellaneous treasures. This is totally normal. Really.

He opens his car door to pet my dogs, and my unleashed Basset Hound, Olive, tries to go home with him. Luna, my Great Pyrenees, must also get on on the action. She pushes Olive out of the way, pulling me along in the process, so that Deputy Chris (we are on a first name basis by now)must pet her.

I would like to just go inside my home as quickly as possible.

I get control of my overly friendly dogs, thank him once again for checking on us and invite him inside. He declines, saying he doesn’t imagine I would be out walking the dogs if there was a problem. I do not dare to disagree.

I suspect my fresh makeup free face convinced him that I had been neither crying nor distressed–rather, just cast in The Walking Dead.

That is a face mask, which i was thankfully not wearing last night, but it helps you get a complete picture.

I wrangled the dogs inside, not sure if they had ever finished their business and authorized the system update on my iPhone.

I sincerely hope that is the end of my story. Next time, my kids can get their own stuff out of the car.